15 AUG

Dash Data and the Small Business Administration

A week ago, Dash Data announced it had teamed up with technology powerhouses like Linkedin, Box, Facebook, Yelp, Bench and others to provide guidance to the small businesses of America. The Small Business Administration organized the joining of these organizations.

The main goal of this coalition is to assist small and medium sized businesses with maintaining relevance into the future, and ultimately assisting them to thrive by providing free resources necessary to learn how to adopt modern technology platforms.


A brief history of Cloud Content Management

When most of Dash Data’s staff began their careers in technology, the concept and term cloud computing had not yet been coined. There are debates over the origin of the term, but for the most part it became widely used after Eric Schmidt of Google used the phrase “cloud computing” to describe the way Google approaches software as a service at a conference in 2006.

Cloud content management systems started materializing shortly after, in fact was actually founded in 2005, with dropbox being the second major player to the space 2 years later in 2007.

21 APR

Benefits of Outsourcing Labor in the Modern Technology Era

Dash Data has been working with clients in many industries now ranging from automotive shops to private equity firms, even a couple publicly traded companies. Something we’ve noticed is a reluctance to outsource what appears on the surface as simple or remedial work.

There are definitely justifications for keeping certain types of labor in house be it security concerns, or something more basic such as affordability or cost concerns. We are going to address a few considerations while debating to outsource any kind of labor, or keep a project in house.

10 JAN

Dash Data Partners

After hundreds of deployments, we have chosen to partner with software vendors that we feel represent best of breed offerings. Many of these tools integrate very cleanly together, are easy to use, and have a significant impact on our clients' efficiency.

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