Customer Quotes:

“Dash Data was indispensable during the transition from paper and other electronic filing to the consolidated filing in Box. They continue to be a valuable resource for questions, support, and optimization. Very glad we found Dash Data.”

- Julie Schatz, Partner, Investor’s Capital Management www.feesonly.com

“Dash Data has been a wonderful collaboration partner in optimizing my workflow to become paperless and more green. They have changed the way I interact with patients by giving me more time to spend with patients and less time dealing with paperwork. Truly a revolutionary way to work.”

— Dr. Julie Tran-Olive, ND, LAc www.svnaturalhealth.com

“Dash Data showed me how to streamline my workflow and added security around our documents. They took me to a truly paperless work environment which has allowed me more efficient access to my content from anywhere in the world.”

- Craig Radley, Owner, Citrus Plus www.citrus-plus.com

“Dash Data converted my office to a digital office by mapping out a new workflow and providing training for my staff. We now have a truly paperless workflow. Hiring Dash Data dramatically reduced my overhead costs, and the amount of time I spend in the office at work.”

- Jaclyn Imani, President, European Car Repair www.europeancarrepairs.com